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Webinar: How Can the Association Enforce Rules and Regulations?

Spanish Board Certification Class & Webinar


How can the Association enforce rules and regulations against residents who purposefully and repeatedly violate them?


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The most effective method for an Association to use is the imposition of fines. However, for both HOAs and condominium associations, it is important to follow the statutory procedures in order to enforce them at a later date. Dania S. Fernandez, Esq. will be presenting a webinar in order to provide all those registered a detail explanation on how to properly issue a fine.


Featured Speakers

  • Renovations Property Management
  • Insurance Nation
  • Gerstle, Rosen & Goldenberg, P.A.


Topics Discussed

  • Budget
  • Elections
  • Official Records
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Access to Units
  • And more


What Will You Learn?

  • Who issues the fine, is it the Board or the fining committee?
  • What does a violation letter look like?
  • What is the 14 day notice requirement?
  • Does that mean the association cannot fine until after the 14 day?
  • Who forms the committee?
  • What requirements are there to be on the committee?
  • What is the role of the Committee at the hearing?
  • What happens at the committee hearing?
  • What if the Owner is fined and doesn’t pay?
  • How can the Association enforce the fine?


What Will You Receive?

  • Board Certification
  • All relevant materials
  • Fining policy sample
  • Records log sample


Ease of Use

The seminar will be a one hour course on how to properly issue a fine and its enforcement. Attorney Dania Fernandez, Esq. creates a simple and detailed 5 step process, easy for all Board of Directors and Management to follow.

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