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Competitive Bidding Requirements: What to Your HOA Needs to Know When Soliciting Bids from Vendors

Maintaining safe and habitable condominium associations requires ongoing efforts - and money. To comply with legal requirements like the 40-year recertification process, many Florida condo communities will need to solicit competitive bids to complete structural work on their community’s property.  Not only is collecting multiple bids generally a best practice when selecting a vendor, but... read more

What to Look for When Reviewing HOA Financial Statements

Your condominium association’s annual budget should be highly informed by your HOA’s financial statements. Keeping close watch over the association’s financial health will tell you how well the board of directors is doing in managing the HOA’s income and expenses and alert them to any red flags before they become potentially disastrous.  There are several... read more

Best Practices for Conducting Effective HOA Meetings

Most condo association board members meet only 4-5 times per year, and during those sessions, there’s a lot to accomplish! To make the most of everyone’s time and facilitate productive meetings, it’s helpful to follow some best practices.  Tips for Leading Productive Condo Board Meetings Successful meetings start with careful planning. Before any board meeting,... read more

Women Making a Difference

We're pleased to announce that Dania Fernandez has been listed as one of the Women Making a Difference is the FCAP's Community Association Journal. The Florida Community Association Professionals (FCAP) is a member-based professional organization providing training and advocacy for Florida community association professionals including managers, service providers, and community volunteer leaders. View "Women Making... read more

How Many Board Members Should Your HOA in Florida Have?

Florida condominium associations are managed and operated like mini governments. To make the democratic process run smoothly, unit owners must elect a board of directors to make leadership decisions on behalf of the community. The composition of the board and how the election process works are determined by the HOA’s governing documents and Florida community... read more

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