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Can a Board Hold a Closed Meeting?

The process of running an HOA, condo association or other community association can impact the daily lives of everyone in the community so when meetings are held it can be very important for all association members to attend. Meetings must usually be open to all members and all members must be given notice at least... read more

Can Board Members Vote by Proxy?

When COVID first hit and meetings were cancelled or suspended to remote only, the idea of voting by proxy was floated around. Now that we are used to remote meetings (and remote everything) the idea of proxy is still a little confusing since we may not be physically (bodily) present for our meetings. This confusion... read more

What Are Florida’s State HOA Laws?

Living in an HOA, residents have made a legal agreement to abide by certain rules and regulations. The big idea behind an HOA or community association is that residents accept the constrictions placed on them by the association in order to live more safely, peaceably and under a unified authority. But it’s also very important... read more

Can HOA Rules Override State Law?

Laws, bylaws, CC&Rs, rules and regulations, supplementary declarations, general resolutions…What’s the deal with all these guidelines? It can be confusing at the best of times to try and understand your HOA or condo association declarations. And then there are the city, county, state and federal laws to adhere to as well. You may be caught... read more

Are your Homeowners Satisfied with your HOA?

HOAs and condo associations work hard upholding covenants and administering rules. By following a framework that is meant to keep all residents’ quality of life high and home values up, the board operates under the presumed idea that they are looking after everyone’s best interest. But how do board members know if all their toil... read more

Can You Force a Board Member Out?

Running a strong board for an HOA, condo association or other community association can be tough work. There are so many logistics, safety concerns and opinions to consider. You have to manage the budget, keep the peace between neighbors, consider long-term projects, maintain common spaces, and on and on. As if all that wasn’t difficult... read more

What If a Board Member Wants to Resign?

So, you have a board member who wants or needs to resign? Depending on the situation there could be lots of emotions (or even accusations) flying around. The board member could have resigned for completely understandable personal reasons or there could have been major drama that led to a fiery confrontation. We hope that the... read more

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