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Who Makes up a Condo Association?

Condo living can be very appealing for many of us South Floridians. One of the biggest perks for most people is the reduced upkeep and maintenance compared to those responsibilities that come with owning a single-family home. In return for less stress and hands-on labor, however, come new rules and fees that are part of... read more

What is a Condo Association?

When you make the choice to live in a condo, you’re also making the choice and commitment to be part of a condominium association. Condo associations are comprised of unit owners within the condo building who elect a board of directors to enforce the policies and regulations that govern the association, collect assessments, and maintain... read more

Hurricane Preparedness Master Plan

Hurricane Season Has Begun in Miami, Florida Season June 1 – November 30 Are You Ready? The Law Offices of Dania S. Fernandez & Associates, P.A. is ready to handle every aspect of your community’s insurance claims for property damage. Early planning and preparation is crucial to the safety of the community and full recovery... read more

Assisting You with Your Insurance Claims

Need Help with Your Insurance Claims? Let us handle your insurance claims for you. If your insurance company denies, delays or offers you a lower payment than whet you deserve, we can help! We have represented countless of policy holders, homeowners, condo & homeowners' associations with their insurance claims in Miami and South Florida. Our... read more

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