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What is a Special Assessment in Florida?

A special assessment is a charge imposed by an HOA on its members for a specific purpose, such as capital improvements or repairs and maintenance. Special assessments are typically levied in addition to the regular monthly or annual assessment. Special assessments are imposed to finance certain improvements or services that will directly benefit the property... read more

Major Rehabs and Special Assessments with Your Association

Anytime maintenance is deferred, it improves a Condo Association’s cash flow in the immediate term. There are times when this is extremely valuable and necessary, but it does not eliminate the required maintenance from happening sometime in the near future. Often, this deferment then requires a major rehab and a special assessment with your association. ... read more

Condo Associations & Condo Terminations – What You Need to Know

Condo terminations are usually a complicated and stressful situation to navigate. There is a sour taste in many long-term condo owners’ mouths from the termination attempts in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-9 when vacant condos led some associations to become insolvent. What they didn’t know was how that left the remaining... read more

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