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How to Create a Sense of Community in Your HOA/Condo Association And Why it Matters

Community is the keyword in a community association. Whether it’s an HOA, condo association or another type of planned unit development, it’s the people that will ultimately make for a successful association. You can have the best amenities and the most well-kept grounds but if no one uses them, what’s the point? It takes more... read more

An HOA Attorney: Why They Are Important

HOAs and all community associations are technically legal entities. With all the responsibilities of community associations, there is a great liability as well. Associations and their governing documents must follow federal, state and local laws. Following these laws and adhering to all state and local guidelines is no small task. In order to ensure compliance... read more

Homeowners’ Associations and CC&Rs: Read Before You Buy

If you’re new to the condo or homeowner’s association (HOA) scene, you may be caught off-guard by some of the things you’re getting into (spoiler alert: there are rules!). While the benefits for most who choose to live in an association far outweigh any potential drawbacks, it’s important to understand the expectations and yes, rules,... read more

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