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Violations and Fines, Part Two: Amending Rules and Bylaws

In our previous blog post in this series, we discussed what to do when fines and fees must be enforced within a community association. There is a systematic process including forming a committee, scheduling a hearing, and assessing fines. However, there are even more effective ways to protect your association and your owners with thorough, legally sound addendums built into your rules and bylaws.

If your association wants a better way to manage fines, consider speaking with a lawyer about how to modify your governing documents to best serve your COA or HOA.

There are certain Florida Statutes that must be adhered to, but there is also a great deal of customization when creating specific rules and bylaws for your condo or homeowners association. If you choose to make exceptions, it is always in your best interest to have your governing documents looked over by an experienced real estate lawyer. This can save you from future legal ramifications should any fines and fees be challenged by tenants.

The process of assessing fees is tedious and cumbersome. What if there were a more feasible and manageable way? Each association is a unique combination of land, architecture and owners. Each associations’ fines and fees will differ, assessing individual needs and specific issues. Modifying your rules and bylaws could be crucial to maintaining the stability, equanimity and day in, day out operations of your building. Save your board the hassle and headaches by adapting your bylaws to meet your organization’s needs.

Certain formalities will still need to be performed, such as making an announcement and holding a vote. This is to protect the association from any individual or group changing bylaws on a whim. But, again, an experienced lawyer can make sure everything is above board in the official documents and that all members are being served.

Want to learn more about making amendments to your organizations rules and bylaws? Contact us today! We’re glad to answer any questions you may have.

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