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How to Create a Sense of Community in Your HOA/Condo Association And Why it Matters

Community is the keyword in a community association. Whether it’s an HOA, condo association or another type of planned unit development, it’s the people that will ultimately make for a successful association.

You can have the best amenities and the most well-kept grounds but if no one uses them, what’s the point? It takes more than a clean pool to bring people together.

Here are some tips on how to create community in your HOA or condo association.


The lines of communication have to open and clear. And people need to know where to go to get pertinent information. For these reasons and so many more, we highly recommend having an association website. In one simple and easily accessible place everyone in the community can find updates on events, successes of your HOA, relevant news and all the other vital information.

Make it easy on yourself and establish a website as the center of your community communication.

Welcoming Committee

It’s those first few days and weeks that are the most important for letting newcomers know what kind of community they are living in. Find a group of volunteers (preferably the ones who bake the best cookies) to welcome new homeowners. Small things like this can be the huge steps to fostering friendship and camaraderie.

Common Areas

If you’ve got them, use them. Common areas that are clean, inviting and well-maintained will create their own natural spaces for interactions. Make sure your common areas are warm and available and you will see the community gather.


Barbecues, holiday parties, anniversaries, or just a little shindig for the heck of it. Bring people together for any reason. The more your community engages and gets to know each other, the stronger a sense of belonging everyone will have. And with that sense of belonging comes a strength in ownership and respect for the association.

Solicit Feedback

How can you know what people want or how to improve your community if you don’t ask? Whether it’s in-person, by email or through an online survey, get to know your community’s wants and needs. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Community is the heart of any thriving HOA or condo association. With all the responsibilities of the board, the governing documents, the collections of dues, and on and on, it’s easy to forget what really matters.

We wish you all the best in strengthening your community.

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