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Does an HOA Increase Property Value?

For many of us, our home is our most valuable asset and our biggest investment. We place a large financial importance on our home, as well as an emotional attachment, after all home is where the heart is. When deciding whether or not to live in an HOA, there are a number of factors to consider, but at the top of the list is usually the concern of making a wise investment.

We want to know if an HOA is going to help maintain and increase property value.

Preservation and cohesion

HOAs maintain all common areas and amenities, as well as impose rules and regulations for the community to follow. It’s very important to recognize that HOA rules aren’t just randomly created based on the personal pet peeves of the board members. Every single aspect of the community’s governing documents should be aimed at one thing: preserving property values.

It is through strict adherence to agreed upon values and neighborhood cohesion that the preservation of property prices is  achieved. While HOA rules may feel constricting to some, it is precisely these rules that can ensure that a home investment offers the best ROI. One study showed that HOAs tend to increase value by 5-6%

The value of rules and regulations

In an unregulated neighborhood, one person could have an immaculate house with every aspect of the home maintained while their next door neighbor’s home is falling apart and the yard is an eyesore. The result is that a house’s value can decrease simply by the proximity to homes that are in worse shape. It is this type of discrepancy that HOAs can protect homeowners from. HOAs can create more desirable communities and thus raise property values. Here’s how.

Beauty and community

While beauty may be subjective, things like lawn maintenance, fencing materials and house colors can be regulated to achieve a cohesive appeal. This cohesion, in turn, leads to a happier community where people feel safe and comfortable in their neighborhood.


Things like having a well-maintained community pool or tennis courts can be very desirable and increase the value of a neighborhood. By everyone pitching in with their community dues, amenities increase both the quality of living and homes values.

Maintaining homes and maintaining value

While some rules and regulations might feel nitpicky, it’s the specifics like how many cars can be parked at your house or how many shrubs your yard can have that really protect your investment. Every little thing, from landscaping, to extra structures, impacts the value of the neighborhood, which impacts the value of a home.

HOAs and community associations may not be for everyone, particularly if you want a lot of freedom in how you customize your home. But for many people who enjoy the comfort and dependability that a well-maintained community provides, HOAs are the way to go, not just for peace of mind and quality of life, but also to make the most of a home investment.

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