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Is Your HOA Hurricane Ready? Use Our Checklist to Stay Protected

Is Your HOA Hurricane Ready? Use Our Checklist to Stay Protected

It might be hard to that hurricane season is officially here, but it definitely is. Tropical weather storms will be in our forecast from now until November in Florida, and that means that we have to be prepared for whatever this season brings. 

With appropriate planning and alertness, you can make sure that your HOA is ready for what’s ahead. Here is our checklist to keep you ahead of hurricane season 2021. 

Back-Up Important Records

Consider backing up important documents and storing them off-site. While a professional HOA company can help, an external storage device housed off-site can suffice at the bare minimum.  Ensure that all board members and those in connection with the board have a copy in safekeeping.

Have Emergency Supplies on Hand

Have an emergency supply kit with batteries, flashlights, and any other things you can think of that might be needed.

Don’t forget to check emergency generators and their fuel levels. Buy emergency generators if needed.

Make Sure Everyone is Familiar with Important Locations       

A building plan can help provide a space for first responders, utility workers, and insurance agents following a hurricane. It’s also vital that members within the community know where water shutoff valves and power boxes are located.

HOA’s should be prepared for the worst, and taking precautions is the first step in ensuring safety. We are here for you if you need any further assistance with hurricane preparations.

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