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What is an HOA board of directors in Florida ?

HOA communities are on the rise. And why shouldn’t they be? The benefits of living in a neighborhood with pools, fitness areas, and community spaces without being concerned about the upkeep is appealing to anyone.

One thing for sure is true, however, homeowners’ associations cannot function without the faithful few that help keep it running smoothly. This group of people are called the HOA Board of Directors (BOD).

The HOA BOD fulfills specific tasks so that everything runs smoothly and the community thrives. But the real question is, what are those responsibilities? And what does the BOD really do? 

The BOD Breakdown

Almost all community developments (especially recent ones) have an HOA board of directors. Commonly, the board of directors’ members are elected into their positions by other members within the community and the existing board.

An election approach can ensure a steady flow of democracy and that those within feel like they have input.

Often following Rules of Order, HOA meetings are supposed to be orderly and well-planned as members are made aware of any motions or things that need to be voted on.

In general, each member (in conjunction with the whole committee) bears the responsibility of overseeing the community’s needs by enforcing the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, enforcing payment of dues and taxes, helping maintain common shared spaces, and more.

What Positions Make Up an Association Board?

While the number can vary, the range for association board’s in South Florida is typically from three to seven. The actual number is outlined in the bylaws of the association, however. So, if you are considering running, make sure that you are up-to-date on the current positions available within your community.

Possible positions include:





And general board members

The Role of a Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors

Knowing what your HOA is responsible for is the first step to knowing your rights as a member.

The three main responsibilities for board members include: maintaining common areas, managing budgets/fiscal responsibilities, and enforcing/complying with governing documents. But it doesn’t stop there. Within each of these responsibilities comes additional tasks to facilitate each responsibility properly.

If you are considering running or are just a homeowner interested in your HOA, don’t hesitate to call. We can help you navigate the HOA waters.

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