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4 Tips to Being a Better Condo Association Board Member

After joining your community association board, you’re probably wondering how you can successfully make an impact. Whether you’ve been on the board before, been on for a long time and are looking for a different direction to be more involved or you are brand new, these four tips will help you become a better condo association board member for the long run. 

A Different Idea Isn’t a Necessarily Wrong Idea for a Condo Board

Starting with the basics is always going to be the first place of success. You should often review the fiduciary obligations of the board as well as all governing documents. In addition, don’t be shy about reaching out to the other board members if you are confused or don’t understand something. 

Lastly, understand that to build a strong association, you have to have varying opinions. Be open to others’ ideas and recognize that differing opinions are not necessarily wrong or bad opinions. 

Utilizing Tech On Your Community Association’s Board

Times are changing, which means that many other things are too, including how community association’s function. Don’t be afraid to introduce technology into your HOA. There are many tools that can assist your board. From scheduling and seeing the best time for meetings to helping with budgetary record keeping, there is a lot that technology can do to help. Many nonprofit organizations don’t actually use as much technology as you might think.

For this reason, some are not as effective as they could be. Let your HOA be on target with the times and reach its maximum potential and efficiency. Don’t be afraid to speak up and suggest some of these things. Anything that can help the overall board function better is your concern as well. 

Treat Every Function Like a Business.

While we know that at its core, every HOA member is a part of a larger community and is working towards a common goal to help that community and keep it in good standing, the board cannot be run like a community outreach program. It must run like a business. Be prepared for the sticky conversations and the long in-depth ones too. You will hear everything from legal to financial discussions, so be prepared with a notepad in hand and present yourself as professionally as possible in this setting. 

Put Your Individual Interests & Emotions Aside.

Time and time again, we’ve seen homeowners get involved and join their association’s board of directors for a very specific reason that they thought should be changed. Then, once they are on the board and see the situation from the association’s point of view, they do a 180 degree turn.

Remember to put any and all personal interests aside and consider the whole of the association instead. Go into situations with an open mind and be an active listener. Everyone should have a voice in the association, and even those that may oppose a certain point can add to the discussion and make others think about better alternatives. 

Bonus: Show Up.

This is a bonus tip but one that is so vital to all of the other information listed. Make sure that you show up. You cannot make an impact if you are not present at meetings, elections, and functions. 

Be ready to discuss the agenda topics and be prepared if anything needs to be reviewed.

Everyone plays a significant part within an HOA board, and all are needed. Put your best foot forward in all that you do and work to become more knowledgeable about what the board is doing, what it needs, and ways that you can help. You’re part of a team, so put your helmet on and join the huddle.

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