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Why Building Maintenance is Vital for SoFla Condos and HOAs

Building maintenance is always a top issue for condos and HOAs regardless of their location. However, here in South Florida there are a few reasons why we need to be more proactive than a board could be in Dallas, for example. 

Salt Water, Salt Air & Storms

Location is one of the reasons proper building maintenance is vital in SoFla. There are so many wonderful things about living on the coast, but it is exceptionally rough on our structures. 

Sand and salt are both abrasives – meaning that over time, the sand and salt in the air are slowly wearing down everything they encounter. Moreover, salt water is corrosive and it accelerates the breakdown of metals, including the steel we use to build condos. 

Storms, as you well  know, are just plain destructive. Even if your building appears to have only cosmetic damage following a big storm, it’s a good idea to have it checked out by a professional to be sure there aren’t any looming problems that go unnoticed. 

Avoid a Disaster

While disasters are rare, they still can happen. As we all saw, a building collapse like the tragedy that took place with Surfside is that must be avoided. With proper and proactive maintenance policies, we can do prevent something like that from happening. 

HOAs and condo boards are always trying to toe the line between avoiding additional expenses in the first place while still  handling (sometimes expensive) repairs as they arise. This can mean that an item of concern isn’t addressed until there’s an actual problem. However, delaying repairs can ultimately cost you more money down the road than it would have had it  just been handled right away. And that is assuming it didn’t end up causing some other damage before it was fixed. 

No board wants to raise fees or approve a special assessment, but having enough money is almost always the biggest factor in delaying repairs. If you don’t already have a fund built into your budget for unforeseen expenses, you need one! It may also be time to raise your fees. Everything is more expensive than it was three years ago. It only makes sense that your fees also need to go up since even the cost of minor repairs is more expensive than it was a few short years ago. 

Having an attorney you can rely on can make the process of amending your budget go smoother. If you don’t already have one, I can help! Reach out to me at Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A. and we will set up a time to discuss your board’s needs.

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