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Best Practices for Conducting Effective HOA Meetings

Most condo association board members meet only 4-5 times per year, and during those sessions, there’s a lot to accomplish! To make the most of everyone’s time and facilitate productive meetings, it’s helpful to follow some best practices. 

Tips for Leading Productive Condo Board Meetings

Successful meetings start with careful planning. Before any board meeting, establish a clear agenda and prepare your meeting materials. This way you’re not wasting time on administrative tasks during the session itself. Common agenda items include a discussion of old business, new business, committee reports, financial updates, new action items and an opportunity for owners to speak up. 

Here are some additional suggestions for conducting a well-run board meeting. 

  • Appoint a meeting chair – Typically, this is the board president, but it doesn’t have to be. 
  • Encourage everyone to be prepared and punctual – If necessary, make adjustments to the meeting space ahead of time and ensure any technology needs are accounted for so you can begin and end the meeting on time.
  • Stay on task (and keep watch of the clock) – Conversations can easily veer off track during a board meeting. Keep everyone on task and institute time limits for each agenda item. Subcommittees can always reconvene at a later date if further discussion about an item is required.
  • Ensure meeting minutes are recorded – The board secretary should maintain accurate notes of all board meetings, and they must be kept on record for at least seven years. 

When it’s time to conclude your meeting, offer a concise summary and review any action items. This will leave attendees with a clear understanding of what was discussed and what to expect at the next meeting.

Productive board meetings enable your Miami condo association to thrive, and they instill trust and transparency in the elected board members. If you serve on your board and have questions about your responsibilities, contact our team at Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A.

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