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What Should Be Included in Your Miami-Dade Emergency Response Plan?

Condo associations in Miami-Dade must have a hurricane action plan, but they should also have a broader emergency response plan (ERP) at the ready. If you don’t have an updated emergency plan as part of your HOA’s policies and procedures, get started on one now. Here are some important documents to assemble along with your refreshed ERP.

Documents to Include with Your Emergency Response Plan
  • A master site plan: For emergency responders and residents alike, it’s important to include a master site plan of the entire HOA property with your ERP documents. The site plan should be labeled accurately with items like lift stations, generators and shut-off valves. 
  • An evacuation plan: Evacuation routes should be clearly defined and posted throughout your property. Be sure to designate meeting points so residents know where to gather after an evacuation. Also make a plan for assisting those with special needs during evacuations.
  • Current contact information: Keep your phone tree and emergency contacts list updated. Contact information for all board members, your association attorney, emergency service providers, insurance company, vendors and all residents should be included on the list. 
  • Insurance documents: Often disasters result in damage to your property. To make filing your insurance claim a little easier, maintain a property inventory of the HOA’s common elements, including video and photos of the property, and safely store insurance policies in the cloud.

Another area to consider during emergency response planning is what your HOA’s policies are for accessing emergency funds and resources related to disaster recovery and repairs. Review your governing documents to assess what authority the board maintains during emergencies. 

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