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Tips for Discussing Assessment Increases with HOA Members

If there’s one area sure to stir up a heated conversation within Florida HOA communities, it’s a discussion of dues and assessments. While we all want nice services and amenities, none of us wants our costs to rise. But at a certain point, the rubber will meet the road and dues will need to increase to adapt to changing budget demands. If your board has determined the need for increased HOA dues, here are some tips for delivering the news more effectively to your community. 

Start Early

Good preparation goes a long way in being able to adequately address member concerns about dues increasing. While there’s no doubt board members are taking budget adjustments seriously, explaining the reasoning behind any changes can take some forethought. The board should have frank conversations with each other about why and how an increase would benefit the entire community and consider all possible alternatives before settling on an assessment increase. 

Remain Transparent

Once the decision has been made to propose an assessment increase, be clear and detailed about why it’s necessary. The more transparent you are about breaking down the costs and explaining how they will be used, the more likely the news will go over more favorably. 

Focus on the Benefits

It can be easy for unit owners to remain negative about a dues hike. Combat that negativity by highlighting the benefits. What will the community receive as a result of the increased assessments? This might include improved amenities, enhanced security, better maintenance or increased property values.

Offer Opportunities for Questions and Feedback

Budget decisions cannot be made in a vacuum. During your annual meeting, offer residents an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback. Do your best to address concerns openly and honestly. 

If you have questions about HOA dues and assessments, don’t hesitate to reach out to our legal team at Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A.

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