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5 Ways an HOA Attorney Adds Value to Your Community

Miami condo associations can bump into all kinds of legal trouble without even knowing there’s an issue…until it’s too late. Seemingly small issues blow up into expensive litigation, unexpected financial challenges lead to dues delinquency, and a host of other challenges related to governance, compliance and more can leave the board in a tizzy digging through their drawers looking for an attorney’s business card. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Retain an attorney now so you can start reaping the benefits and value provided by their legal counsel. Here are five key ways an HOA attorney becomes an indispensable asset to any community.

  • Legal comprehension and representation: Attorneys bring a deep understanding of local, state and federal laws to their role as an association lawyer. For board members, often one of the most difficult parts of understanding and complying with statutes and administrative regulations is simply translating them from legal jargon into understandable language. An attorney understands legalese and ensures that HOAs know and comply with their rights, which also helps shield the community from legal complications and potential fines. 
  • Governing document oversight: One of an attorney’s primary benefits to your community is drafting or amending CC&Rs. Governing documents are the foundation of an HOA, and attorneys play a crucial role in crafting, reviewing, and amending these documents.
  • Dispute resolution: Disputes are an inevitable part of community living. An HOA attorney acts as a mediator and helps to resolve conflicts efficiently and diplomatically. Not only does this provide stability to the community, but it also helps prevent expensive litigation.
  • Contract negotiation: HOAs engage in various contracts for services, maintenance, and projects. Attorneys are experts at diving deep into the legal details of these contracts to protect the community’s interests in every agreement.
  • Litigation preparation: The last thing an HOA wants is to get involved in a lawsuit. Unfortunately, legal action can sometimes be unavoidable. While an attorney takes every step possible to prevent litigation, if it comes down to it, they can represent your association’s interest in court.

For more about all the ways an attorney can add value to your Fort Lauderdale HOA community, contact us at Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A. 

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