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Tips for Overcoming Mistrust and Distrust in Your HOA

Of the many challenges facing Florida condo associations, one issue that runs deep for many is a palpable mistrust or distrust of the board. There is often skepticism about board decisions in part because of poor communication or transparency issues, and this sets the stage for an antagonistic relationship between residents and the board. 

Mistrust in HOAs is problematic for many reasons. One is that it can lead to board member recall and reform. Whenever there is turnover among HOA leadership, it can lead to instability for the entire community. While there are certainly times when board member recall is warranted, often things fall apart simply because the board is not communicating well enough. 

If your South Florida condo association is struggling with negativity, skepticism and distrust among members and the board, it’s time to take swift action.

Tips for Building Trust in Your Condo Association

Your board may be doing amazing by all accounts, but without communication, everything can fall apart. When people feel left in the dark about important community issues, they start to get fearful. To counter fear, they cope by dreaming up anything they can imagine. These dreams morph into rumors, and rumors catch like wildfire.

The antidote to these challenges of mistrust and distrust in an HOA is communication. Here are some steps to take.

  • Communicate consistently – Even if you feel like you have nothing new to say, remain consistent with your communication. Letting the community know you’re there and working for them is an important touchpoint for building trust.
  • Solicit feedback – Remember that communication is a two-way street. Encourage residents to ask questions, share concerns, or offer their ideas. When everyone’s input is considered, the entire community benefits. 
  • Hold open board meetings – Residents should know when and where meetings take place and feel welcome to attend.
  • Provide detailed and transparent financial reports regularly – Share financial documents, budget summaries, and other financial reports so residents can see how their fees are being used.

If you sense feelings of mistrust or distrust creeping up in your HOA in Fort Lauderdale or anywhere across South Florida, double down on your communication efforts. Skepticism is often a sign that the board can be doing more to improve transparency and build trust. For help with this and other board member challenges and responsibilities, reach out to our team at Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A. today. We work with HOAs across South Florida with all their community law needs and responsibilities.

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