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Making the Case for Greater HOA Board Member Education

Here in Florida, HOA boards of directors are leading multimillion-dollar non-profit organizations, and many (ok, most) volunteer board members have very little experience in this type of position. This inexperience and overall lack of education related to the roles and responsibilities of HOA leadership can cause real challenges for condo associations. 

As a community law attorney who represents condo associations throughout South Florida, board member inexperience and education gaps are a hot topic that need to be addressed. We can all do more to help our elected leaders fulfill their HOA leadership duties.

Education Requirements for HOA Board Members

Condo boards come in all shapes and sizes. Professional experiences vary as do individual’s hard and soft skills. Most people choose to run for a board position because they are committed to their community and want to make a difference. This diversity of skills and motivation to lead are both great qualities, but beyond some basic requirements, there are very few other qualifications needed to serve as a condo board member in Florida. 

Yet more is needed to effectively run an organization like a condo association. Aside from requiring board members to complete a one-time certification course, which only takes an hour or two, continual learning opportunities, mentorship programs from experienced board members and other ongoing educational opportunities will significantly enhance board member competence – and it’s not enough to just offer these opportunities. They should be required.

Community Law Resources for HOA Board Members

Until there are requirements to mandate ongoing education for board members, I encourage board members to learn as much as they can to enhance their leadership skills voluntarily.

Our firm at Dania Fernandez & Associates, P.A. offers classes and a resource library to equip leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to serve on a board with power and influence.

If you have questions about serving on your condo association board in Florida or need to retain an attorney for your association, contact our team at Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A. today.

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