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Florida Condo Association Maintenance Responsibilities 

Condo associations in Florida have specific maintenance responsibilities to ensure the proper upkeep and functioning of the community’s common areas. Specific maintenance responsibilities may vary depending on your association's governing documents so be sure to check yours, but here are some common maintenance areas most condo associations are responsible for. To learn more about 5... read more

How to Handle Condo Association Insurance Claims in Florida

The insurance landscape in South Florida is rapidly changing. This spring, Florida legislators held a special session to discuss this very topic with the long-term goal of making the insurance industry less risky in Florida.  Major changes, however, - if they happen at all - won’t be overnight, so it’s important for condo associations to regularly review... read more

Florida Condo Association Rules and Regulations: Best Practices for Creating and Enforcing Policies

Creating and enforcing policies is a vital aspect of maintaining order, promoting community, and ensuring compliance within a Florida condo association. As a board member, you are responsible for developing new policies for your association as needed and ensuring that existing policies are being followed. Here are some things to know as you take on... read more

Florida Condo Association Meetings: What You Need to Know as a Board Member

Holding regular condo association meetings is an essential requirement of all Florida condo associations, and they provide a critical forum for board members to make decisions about managing and maintaining their community. It’s here where the magic happens.  Read on to learn more about the purpose of these meetings and what your responsibilities as a board... read more

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