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Can an HOA or Condo Board Take Action Without Meeting?

Florida statutes do not prevent association boards from taking action without a formal meeting. However, that doesn’t mean your association has the ability to do so under its own bylaws.  Why would a board want to act without meeting? Making arrangements for a special meeting can be difficult. There are requirements for how far in... read more

Does Your HOA Need to Retain a Lawyer?

Yes. Next question. Just kidding! Of course, there’s more to say about this! The most common reason associations hesitate to retain an attorney is concern related to the cost. It is always wise for board members to be budget-conscious. However, figuring your attorney’s retainer into your regular annual expenses is like buying some peace of... read more

Running for The Board in Your HOA: What You Need to Know

Congratulations! You’ve decided to run for the board in your association. It’s an important role with important responsibilities! Now what? It can be daunting, but don’t be discouraged. I’ll help you wade through the details. Let’s Get Started The first step is to read through your association’s governing documents. There are some things that are required for... read more

5 Tips For Planning Next Year’s Condo Association Budget

Budgets for homeowner's associations (HOA) should be updated regularly, typically on an annual basis. A well-planned homeowner's association budget can help you forecast  the cost of maintaining common areas of the neighborhood as well as cover expenses related to any repairs that need to be made. But before you get carried away with planning, there are... read more

Who Can Run for a Condo Board in Florida?

In Florida, condo boards are led by a board of directors who is elected by the unit owners. The board of directors is responsible for the governance of the association and for ensuring that the association’s property is well-maintained.  Responsibilities of the board of directors include making decisions about the operation of the condo association... read more

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