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Covering Accessibility in Your CC&Rs

At the risk of repeating ourselves about putting everything in your CC&Rs – make sure you cover accessibility requirements in there too. Making sure that you cover all the important issues in your association’s CC&Rs is the best way to protect yourself, your property, and your owners/residents.  Why ADA Accessibility Should be in the CC&Rs There... read more

Diamonds are a Firm’s Best Friend

Diamond Level Winner—Legal Services(Winner 2023 and five previous RCA wins) We are proud to announce that for the 6th year in a row, our firm has received the highest level of recognition in the Florida Community Association Journal’s Readers’ Choice Awards. We are incredibly honored to be recognized yet again as a Diamond Level Winner in the... read more

Handling Emotional Support Animals

The concept of ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) is wonderful. There’s no doubt that our beloved animal companions help us to destress. They can even naturally sense when we’ve had a rough day. However, they are not specially trained service animals.  Depending on your HOA’s pet policy, you have to be careful with what you do... read more

ADA & Your HOA, an Overview

The ADA – the American with Disabilities Act – is an afterthought for many Condo and Homeowner Associations in Florida, but it shouldn’t be. If your building was built before 1990, there may be some exclusions grandfathered in.  So you may be wondering how the ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act – applies to your HOA... read more

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