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Spanish Board Certification Class

Spanish Board Certification Class Thursday, March 1 • 6pm - 8pm Appetizers and refreshments will be served for all attendees Limited space available This class will be held entirely in Spanish Topics Covered Include How to handle delinquencies Elections, flow charts...

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English Board Certification Class

English Board Certification Class Thursday, January 18 • 6pm - 8pm Free appetizers and refreshments for all attendees Limited space available   Topics Covered Include: How to handle delinquencies Elections, flow charts and tips How to run a board meeting & notice...

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FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Awards

We've been nominated for The Florida Community Association Journal's Readers' Choice Awards The FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Awards are presented yearly to industry service providers chosen by popular vote through an online voting process. Nominations and voting are open now...

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HB 1237 Approved Changes

HB 1237 Approved Changes Provided by Dania S. Fernandez, Esq. Dania S. Fernandez & Associates, P.A.   718.111 ---- CRIMINAL CONDUCT Forgery of a ballot envelope or voting certificate used in a condominium association election is a felony, the theft or embezzlement of...

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