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How Often Should You Replace Your Roof in a Condo Association

In Miami, there’s no getting around the fact that we need strong roofs over our heads. When you’re part of a condo association, roof maintenance, repair, and replacement is often the responsibility of the association at large, and, depending on your governance regulations, its planning and funding management generally falls in the hands of the board of directors.

Roof maintenance and replacements costs should be the focus when preparing annual budgets and calculating reserves. The longevity of a condo roof depends on many variables, including the type of roof, the age of materials, weather and climate conditions, and diligence in keeping up with minor repairs. Needless to say, roofs that are well-maintained will last longer than roofs that get neglected.

As you consider the needs of your association’s roof, you’ll want to consult a roofing expert to help you determine the projected useful life remaining in your roof. Roof replacement costs can quickly drain your reserves if you are not careful with your planning. A roofing company will be best positioned to guide you in understanding on how long you have before a major repair or replacement may be needed, as well as help you understand how much those needs will cost.

Routinely examining your roof will also keep you alert to any warning signs that a repair or replacement may be needed sooner rather than later. Be on the lookout for the following signs of a wearing roof:

  • Cracked, curled, loose, or missing shingles
  • Poor drainage and ponding water
  • Damaged membrane or flashing
  • Rising energy costs (could signal roof inefficiencies, poor ventilation, and insulation problems)

While your roof should last a couple decades if well maintained, the type of materials, impact damage, and a whole host of other variables will dictate your specific roof’s useful life. Be in touch with an expert to best determine your roof’s projected life and call us at 305-254-4492 with questions about ensuring adequate reserves funding and other condo association questions.

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