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6 Tips for Recruiting New BOD members

The Board of Directors is the heart and soul of the HOA or condo association. But it’s not always easy finding members that are willing to take on the responsibilities of active board duty. Sometimes it can feel like managing a circus.

We have provided six helpful guidelines that can create engagement and open the doors for recruiting new BOD members.

1. Redirection

Turn complaints and critiques into action. If a homeowner isn’t happy about the way certain aspects of the association are run, tell them to join the board and make a change.

2. Education

It’s helpful to let HOA members know about all the work that’s being managed by the board. Send out a newsletter, or keep regular updates on your association’s website. This can give members a look into the mysterious happenings within the board, which are oftentimes vague or unknown to non-board members.

3. Be a Source of Information

Answer questions. Have a forum or easily accessible place where questions from residents can be addressed. By creating an active Q&A dialogue with residents, you can create engagement, which can lead to recruitment.

4. Talent Management

In any strong organization, it’s crucial to know the talents of your team members. Say you have a former attorney, or an accountant, or someone who has strong communication skills within the community. Comment on the skills you noticed they possess and see if they might be interested in a role on the board.

5. Open Board Meetings

Sometimes it can be a good idea to open up board meeting to everyone. That way residents can see the process and know what to expect. The last thing you want is for a potential board member to join and then subsequently be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the board.

6. Short-term and Low Commitment Appointments

Commitment can be intimidating. If you have a member who has expressed interest or has a particularly useful skillset, try and create a role for them that’s less time-consuming or laden with responsibilities. This is great way to get members involved and potentially lead them towards long-term appointments.

Happy recruiting! We wish you the best in keeping your board healthy and your community members content. For further questions, take a look at our free resources.

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