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How to Deal with Difficult HOA Board Members

It should come as no surprise that just about every association has experienced a problematic HOA board member at some point or another. These types of members can make meetings (and life) feel pretty miserable at times, and it can be hard to navigate just how to deal with them.

We’ve compiled a few tips on how to manage these tricky situations. If you are ever in a pickle and unsure how to navigate these murky waters – these tips should serve as a good place to start. After that – don’t count out the value of connecting with an experienced HOA or Board Member attorney. 

3 Tips for Dealing with Problematic Board Members 

Establish a Strict Agenda for Meetings

In general, if you’re dealing with a trying board member, establishing a strict agenda for meetings can mitigate the chance of things going sour. By ensuring that time-constraints and rules are followed during meetings, you’re less likely to wind up with your problem member causing issues for you and the rest of the board (not to mention headaches). If you’re dealing with a conversation hog, establishing an agenda for the meeting can be especially helpful. 

Wait (or Vote) Them Out

While waiting out that difficult board member’s term may seem like accepting defeat, it’s sometimes the best option to mitigate fallout. Usually terms tend to last only two or three years, and you can always work to get someone else elected in place of the problematic board member should they run again, or run for board membership yourself 

If the situation continues to get worse and you can’t wait until their term expires, it is possible to organize a membership-wide voting process to remove them. Unfortunately, this is a long and often complicated process.

Bring in a Mediator

If all else fails, it may be time to bring in a mediator who is experienced in dealing with difficult HOA board members. We will gladly assist you with any inquiries you may have regarding mediation and problematic board members. Get in touch today. Let us put our years of experience and knowledge of community law in the State of Florida to work for you.

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