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Who are the “Fantastic Five” and Why Does Your HOA Need Them?

Leading an organization that’s the size and complexity of a condo association in Florida takes a team. Multimillion-dollar non-profits in Florida must abide by numerous legal requirements in addition to HOA-specific rules and regulations. No one person can be an expert in all these areas, which is why it’s beneficial to partner with experts who are.

To compensate for board member inexperience and round out the team’s expertise, condo boards should do their part to assemble a strong and complementary team to work together. When they do, HOAs are going to have a great organization where everyone in the community will be able to experience how great of a place HOAs can truly be. 

Who are the Fantastic Five?

So, who exactly needs to be on that team of experts? We call them the “Fantastic Five,” and they include: 

  • The HOA’s Board of Directors – Volunteer members who live in the community and serve as elected leaders for their condo association.
  • Property managers – The services PM companies offer can help relieve board members of much of the day-to-day operational needs of the association – and do so much more efficiently. You can read more here about the role of PM companies. 
  • Insurance agent – The insurance landscape in Florida is complex, and it’s even more complicated for condo associations. An insurance agent can help you wade through your coverage options, review your HOA’s insurance policy regularly and ensure your HOA has the right levels of coverage.
  • Accountant – A professional accountant can ensure all financial obligations are being met accurately and in compliance with state and federal rules and regulations.

When your HOA partners with each member of the “Fantastic Five,” the entire association will thrive. Not to mention, there will be reduced burden on the board to go it alone. 

To learn more about how enlisting a community law attorney can help your association succeed, contact our team at Dania Fernandez and Associates, P.A. 

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