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Condo Association Board Members’ Duties and Responsibilities in Florida

Condo associations in Florida are governed by a board of directors. Members of the board are elected from within their community and serve in a voluntary capacity. Their responsibilities are many, including managing and maintaining the community's common areas, overseeing the budget, enforcing rules and regulations, and making decisions on behalf of the association.  As... read more

Is Your HOA Hurricane Ready?

Hurricane season is something we need to be thinking about year-round in Florida, but with storm season upon us, now is the time condo associations throughout Miami-Dade need to act. Dig out your hurricane action plans, review your HOA’s policies and procedures, and start preparing for this year’s storm season. A Hurricane Action Plan for Condo Associations... read more

To Intervene or Not to Intervene? What’s the Role of Condo Associations in Resolving Disputes Between Owners?

Disagreements are a part of life, and condo associations are certainly not immune to them. So it’s often no surprise when a small scuffle or skirmish between neighbors escalates into a full-on dispute. The challenge for condo association board members, however, is knowing when the association needs to be involved, especially if it’s a conflict... read more

Communication and Engagement Best Practices for Your Condo Association

As a member of your condo association’s board of directors, you’ve likely noticed wide variation in unit owner’s engagement with board initiatives and responsiveness to communication. Some might only call to complain. Others want to attend every board meeting. The challenge for board members is meeting all owners where they’re at and ensuring they remain... read more

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