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Can Board of Director Meetings for a Community Association Move Virtual?

In these times, with COVID-19 looming large in our minds and social distancing becoming a mandated enforcement, it’s not the best time for holding in-person meetings. However some meetings must still take place. To reduce the in-person attendance, encourage absentee ballots or electronic voting and offer online or telephone attendance. With the advent of technologies... read more

How COVID-19 Will Affect Any Pending Construction Projects at Your Community or Condo Association

With all the changes and confusion caused by COVID-19, construction projects can often fall under the radar. But If you are in great need of a fix—be it plumbing, roof, mold issues, you name it—you know that your needs are far from a low priority. So what will happen with current projects? Can the contractor... read more

How to Handle Delinquent Assessments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Not only are we facing an unprecedented outbreak and restrictions put on us like never before, but associations still have to remain well maintained and owners still have to pay dues. So, how do you handle delinquency during the pandemic? We recommend compassionate leniency. After the pandemic is contained and everything returns to business as... read more

Board of Director Emergency Powers in a Pandemic

With the federal government enacting strict social distancing policies and cancelling all gatherings and most cities shutting down bars and restaurants, you might be wondering what the Board of Directors (BOD) can do in this pandemic. The board is granted emergency powers according to the Condominium, Cooperative and HOA acts. Specifically, Florida Statute chapters 718,... read more

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