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Florida Condo Association Meetings: What You Need to Know as a Board Member

Holding regular condo association meetings is an essential requirement of all Florida condo associations, and they provide a critical forum for board members to make decisions about managing and maintaining their community. It’s here where the magic happens. 

Read on to learn more about the purpose of these meetings and what your responsibilities as a board member are in facilitating them.

The Purpose of HOA Meetings

Condo association meetings provide an opportunity for board members to make decisions on behalf of the community and to keep residents informed about important news and issues affecting the association. Remaining transparent at board meetings and openly communicating the association’s state of affairs is also a critical way to reduce conflict in your HOA. 

Meeting frequency should be spelled out in your bylaws. Typically, HOA boards hold meetings on a quarterly or monthly basis. All members of the association are welcome to attend, and meetings must be properly noticed to give members adequate opportunity to attend and participate if they choose. 

Board Member Responsibilities at Meetings

Board members must set the agenda for all meetings, provide notice to the community, and ensure all necessary information and documents are available to members in advance. 

It’s not uncommon for questions to arise during board meetings. Elected members of the board should be prepared to answer questions and provide explanations for any decisions or policies that are discussed. All decisions made at association meetings must be made in accordance with the community’s governing documents and the Florida Condominium Act.

Depending on the time of year, common agenda items discussed at board meetings include:

  • A budget update
  • New board member elections
  • New proposals requiring residents’ approval
  • Various committee or vendor presentations
  • A discussion of milestones or successes

Effectively facilitating board meetings means taking steps to ensure that all association meetings are conducted efficiently and effectively. This might include setting time limits for presentations and discussions, using technology to streamline the process, and encouraging members to be respectful of one another’s time.

Serving as a condo association board member is an opportunity to impact your community and plan for its future, but it can feel overwhelming if you’re not well-versed on legal governance issues and responsibilities. That’s where we come in. 

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