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Dispute Resolution Part One: Mediation

Dispute happens. Whether it’s a consistent violation of rules and regulations or something more serious like delinquency or bad debt, both the owners and the association need to be protected. And, for the sake of the whole community, disputes need to be resolved in a fair and timely manner. Resolution comes in three forms: mediation,... read more

Elections and How They Work, Part Two: HOAs

In our previous blog post, we tackled some of the common procedures for elections in a condo association. Some of these regulatory provisions will still apply to elections in an HOA, while most do not. Interestingly, the election process is very different for condo associations vs. HOAs. Florida administrative code 61B-75.005 and Florida Statute 720.306... read more

Violations and Fines, Part Two: Amending Rules and Bylaws

In our previous blog post in this series, we discussed what to do when fines and fees must be enforced within a community association. There is a systematic process including forming a committee, scheduling a hearing, and assessing fines. However, there are even more effective ways to protect your association and your owners with thorough,... read more

How to Handle Violations and Fines Within a Condo Association

A condo association exists to create a community. This community can include lovely amenities, architectural and design controls, financial stability and help maintaining property values. And, yes, there are rules involved in joining any HOA or COA. But what happens if—heaven forbid!—someone decides not to follow these rules? Each association may have slightly different processes... read more

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