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3 Imperative Building Updates To Avoid Special Assessments in South Florida

Few things bring out the torches and pitchforks for community association Board Members like Special Assessments. Nevertheless, as Robert Frost said, “Nothing gold can stay.” Every community association across South Florida is going to have restorations, repairs or replacements needed on one aspect or another (with a well-prepared Board, you shouldn’t need everything all the... read more

How Often Should You Replace Your Roof in a Condo Association

In Miami, there’s no getting around the fact that we need strong roofs over our heads. When you’re part of a condo association, roof maintenance, repair, and replacement is often the responsibility of the association at large, and, depending on your governance regulations, its planning and funding management generally falls in the hands of the... read more

A Hurricane Action Plan for Condo Associations

In Florida, we’re never really out of the woods when it comes to hurricane planning and storm preparation. For condo associations in particular, hurricane preparation is a shared responsibility between individual unit owners and the association at large. If you’re a board member of your condo association, one of your important responsibilities is to create... read more

5 Things to Note When Planning Your Annual Budget for Condo Associations

Annual budget planning is among the board of director’s biggest responsibilities. Poor fiscal management could be devastating for an association. Conversely, healthy planning and making smart budgetary goals are keys to helping your association thrive in good times and bad, like when a devastating storm broadsides your building and rips off your roof. Here are... read more

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