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Addressing Legal Disputes within Your Community

Disagreements happen. Members can have disputes with the association, neighbors can have issues with other neighbors. It can feel like a tug-o-war with neither side wanting to give. It’s normal and it’s partially to be expected that at some point your community will have to address legal disputes. While we don’t want this for anyone,... read more

The Impact of COVID-19 on 55+ Community Associations

While HOAs, condo associations and community associations have been fighting their battles with COVID-19, 55+ community associations have special risks and challenges. Since the risk for infection increases with age and underlying health conditions, 55+ communities have to take extra precautions and safety measures. With about 20% of Florida’s population being 65 or older, one... read more

Representation Matters: Creating a More Diverse BOD

Any strong community works best when it represents all of its members. The board of directors in your HOA or condo association is no different. As elected members of a community, your board should strive to reach a proportional representation of all residents. What is diversity in a community association? We might think that diversity... read more

Does Your Condo Association Need a Lawyer? Hint: Yes.

Your condo association exists to serve the community. Your community is structured by effective rules and regulations and it is only as strong as the enforcement of these guidelines. When those rules and regulations are not followed, the community suffers. Sometimes it might be disputes between residents. Sometimes it might be negotiations with a contractor.... read more

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