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Evictions of Tenants Within Your Association under Lease

A common question for many HOA's is the parameters of eviction for tenants when certain rules aren't being met. While this will ultimately require a detailed review of the standing governing documents (like the handbook) because every association operates differently, there are generally, however, a few potential solutions. If your association requires approval of lease... read more

Planning for an HOA Budget

It goes without saying that an HOA budget is a fundamental piece for any board to oversee and manage. It acts as a guide to steer the board to its goals. A budget can help you prepare for the coming year's expenses such as:  maintenanceutilityinsurancemanagement fees And extra reserve funds for repairs In addition, a HOA... read more

Preparing for New Board Members in Your HOA

Every board of directors, no matter the size, should be prepared for a new member orientation. Why? Educating new members to the best of your ability on what is currently happening within your organization and the community will mean fewer headaches and confusion down the road. Every community has different expectations and dynamics that keep... read more

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